2015’CCLF展商·Art Front Gallery
2015’CCLF Exhibitor·Art Front Gallery

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Art Front Gallery是一家活跃于各个艺术领域的公司。旨在陪伴艺术作品所拥有的时代精神及面向未来的预感,以广阔的全球视野看待艺术,并追求在拥有社会性的地方有深度的展开艺术的方法。该主旨源其理念,即相信透过艺术所给予的宛如微弱光线般的线索我们才能了解人类的意图。

Art Front Gallery挑选艺术作品基于理念:应从经过长时间的评估以及与当今国际社会之间的关联性两方面对艺术进行鉴赏。

Art Front Gallery积极应对空间环境和生活方式所发生的变化,意在能将艺术完美融入开发项目和生活空间。极其重视与日本各地区之间进行真心对话,因为相信环境保护的意识应从基于故乡的概念出发:每个故乡是不可取代的宇宙。


1) 发掘并呈现高品质艺术作品

2) 精心制作作品

3) 使艺术作品与其展示环境相协调

4) 交易公开公平

Art Front Gallery deals in all related to art.

The aims of its activities are to support the spirit of the present and foresight for the future in art, to see art from international points of view, and to develop it in profound social contexts. They are originated from its belief that we can understand all regions of the world and perceive human intentions through art.

Based on the idea that a work of art should be evaluated by its long term verification and its contemporary aspects in global context,  Art Front Gallery select artists and works of art. In responding to the changes in environment and life style, Art Front Gallery would like to make appropriate use of art in developments and living space.

Art Front Gallery attach importance to exchanges with the localities of all over Japan. They believe that the protecting of global environment leads to the respecting of each region as an irreplaceable universe.

Art Front Gallery‘s business mottoes are:

To find and provide with high-quality works of art 

To apply ourselves all into a work 

To harmonize works of art with space 

To have fair dealings